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Developing Business Applications with PowerApps and Microsoft Flow

Learn how to build business apps that work on phones, tablets and browsers without writing any code.

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About This Course

The way we do work today is fundamentally different than just a few years ago. Work happens on our phones, tablets and laptops everywhere we go: on manufacturing floors, in airplanes or at customer meetings. And yet, the apps we use to do business have been slow to keep pace with employee demand. Not every business problem can be solved with off-the-shelf solutions, but developing custom solutions has traditionally been too costly and time consuming.

PowerApps and Microsoft Flow are both aimed squarely at these gaps. They give people who best understand their needs and challenges the power to quickly meet them, without the time, complexity and cost of custom software development.

If you're a business analyst or business expert, who wants to create apps and automate workflows to solve business needs, then this course is for you. In this course, you will learn how to use your existing knowledge and apply it to improve business process in your organization. You will learn how to create apps that solve specific business needs, without writing code or struggling with integration issues. You will learn how to focus on your data and business processes, and leverage the capabilities of PowerApps and Microsoft Flow to deliver a solution that works across phones, tablets and browsers.

What you'll learn

  • Understand what PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, and The Common Data Service are and where they fit in solving business scenarios
  • Generate business app that works on phones, tablets and browsers
  • Connect to multiple data sources, such as a list in SharePoint, an Excel table on OneDrive, a SQL database and more
  • Automate repetitive workflows using Microsoft Flow

Course Syllabus

Introduction to PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, and the Common Data Service

  • Overview the related technologies
  • Creating an App from an Excel data

Digitizing Business Scenarios with PowerApps

  • Creating an App from SharePoint data
  • Customizing Galleries
  • Working with Forms
  • Formulas and Error Management

Automating Business Logic with Microsoft Flow

  • Overview of Microsoft Flow
  • Microsoft Flow Scenarios
  • Implementing Approvals with Microsoft Flow

Managing Business Data with the Common Data Service

  • Overview of the Common Data Service
  • Working with PowerApps and CDS
  • CDS Advanced Topics

Meet the instructors

Course Staff Image #1

Michael Blythe

After several years managing a content team, Michael is back full-time as a content developer. Michael brings ton of experience in SQL Server and Power BI and covers a range of technologies in his role. He primarily produce videos, blog posts, and longer articles about the integration of Microsoft technologies -- Power BI, Power Apps, Microsoft Flow, Common Data Service, SharePoint Online, and others.

Course Staff Image #2

Audrie Gordon

Audrie is a Senior Program Manager on the PowerApps product team, a Microsoft Certified Professional for Office 365 and SharePoint, and an evangelist and consultant for enterprise solutions using the Business Application Platform (Power BI, PowerApps, and Microsoft Flow). She is especially passionate about agile mobile technologies, with a commitment to enabling worldwide customers to optimize cloud productivity.

Course Staff Image #3

Jon Levesque

Jon is a Senior Program Manager on the Microsoft Flow team. Jon focuses on Community and Engagement for the Microsoft Flow team and enjoys teaching, interacting and growing with partners and customers. In his free time he's an avid skiier, hiker, photographer and drone enthusiast!

Course Staff Image #4

Merwan Hade

Merwan is a Senior Program Manager on the Microsoft Flow team where he drives Microsoft Flow’s modern approvals experiences, the integration with SharePoint, and the Microsoft Flow Admin Center. He previously served on the Microsoft PowerApps and Visual Studio Tools for Azure teams. He is passionate about delivering stellar user experiences.

Course Staff Image #5

Sabin Nair

Sabin is a Senior Program Manager in the Common Data Service team @ Microsoft. He is the main point of contact for all Customer and Partner engagements and Preview Programs for the Common Data Service team.

Course Staff Image #6

Jono Luk

Jono is the Group Program Manager for the Common Data Service (CDS), the data and app platform for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 service and applications. Jono and his team is tasked with enabling the broad spectrum of business customers and partners, from citizen developers to high-end ISVs, to adopt and thrive on the Microsoft business app platform.

Course Staff Image #7

Anne Frances Owen

Anne manages a team of content developers working for PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, and related products. Anne has worked in several capacities in a few divisions of Microsoft over the years. Regardless of role, she’s always been excited to help “lower the bar of entry” for people to leverage technology in pursuit of a better life (or even just make their workdays a little easier). Anne spends her days at Microsoft looking for opportunities to make content that’s concise, clear, and targeted toward customer goals.

Course Staff Image #8

Jonathan Sanito

Jonathan works as a content developer and project manager for Microsoft focusing in Data and Analytics online training. He has worked with trainings for developer and IT pro audiences, from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Windows Active Directory.

Before coming to Microsoft, Jonathan worked as a consultant for a Microsoft partner, implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV solutions.

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    24-48 hours in total