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Introduction to Xamarin.Forms

Build your first application with Xamarin.Forms. Craft mobile applications, test them on local devices and publish them to the world.

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About This Course

This course is intended to introduce experienced C# programmers to the Xamarin.Forms framework. Xamarin.Forms lets you build mobile applications using C# and then run them on the most popular mobile platforms today.

Xamarin.Forms takes code sharing to the next level by allowing you to share not just your application logic in a cross-platform fashion, but also the UI definition. Unlike other technologies, applications that rely on the Xamarin.Forms framework are 100% completely native applications that look and feel natural on each platform.

With Xamarin.Forms, you can write your application code once, and then build a native application that utilizes that code to run on almost any iOS, Android or Windows device including Windows 10. Your business logic can be written in C# (or any other .NET capable language) and your UI can either be defined in code, or in the XAML markup language.

What you'll learn

  • What is Xamarin and how does it work?
  • What is Xamarin.Forms?
  • How to build pages to collect and display data
  • Common controls used to create a UI
  • Layout principles
  • How to identify and interact with the native platform

Meet the instructors

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Helen Miller

Helen Miller has been working in the field of higher education, faculty development, and distance learning for the past 10 years. With a diverse background in working with different technologies she turned her attention to leveraging technology in education. Her focus is on adding interactivity into the distance classroom and creating active learning environments, as well as developing and presenting professional development workshops on the use of mobile technologies. She earned her Masters of Educational Technology in 2011 with a specialization in online learning for adults.

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Mark Smith

Mark Smith has been crafting software for more than 20 years. He spent many years working on distributed systems with C/C++ and COM, and moved to .NET when Microsoft shipped the first preview at the PDC in 2000. He has extensive experience training and consulting for large companies having worked for over a decade with Developmentor as an author and instructor and with Wintellect as a performance and architecture consultant, as well as running his own software company Today, Mark focuses on mobile development with Xamarin tools and on building and designing curriculum for Xamarin University. He also is the project coordinator for several open-source bioinformatic tools used by researchers to study and visualize biological sequences. Mark is a Microsoft MVP and conference / user group speaker.

Specializations: Everything Xamarin, XAML based technologies (WPF/SL, WP8, Windows Store), .NET parallel programming, large-scale data visualization

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Adrian Stevens

Adrian Stevens has over 14 years of experience developing mobile applications; specializing in C# & C++ cross platform development. Prior to join Xamarin as an instructor, Adrian had released several very successful mobile applications developed using Xamarin.iOS & Xamarin.Android.

Adrian’s expertise includes user interface architecture, audio/signal processing, and mathematics. Based out of Vancouver, Canada, Adrian has a passion for technology, and entrepreneurial spirit, and co-runs a C# cross-platform development Meetup community.

Adrian first began developing mobile applications in 2001 for the Palm Pilot and Pocket PC mobile platforms and has successfully founded and led a successful boutique mobile development company. More recently, Adrian has been looking at how to apply mobile software applications to help non-profits.

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Mark Taparauskas

Mark has been authoring courseware, presenting training, and writing code since 1991. He is a reformed language-lawyer who is happier building apps than arguing about when the C# spec changed to allow switching on a Boolean. At Xamarin University, he spends most of his time on the Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.Forms curriculum.

Course Staff Image #5

Adam Patridge

Adam began developing software in 2000, with a current focus on Xamarin technologies growing from experiments writing software for Windows Mobile 2003 devices. Prior to Xamarin, Adam was a developer for Sierra Trading Post, working on their online e-commerce platform and developing their initial mobile e-commerce web site and apps created using Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android. Adam has also worked on a growing video-based social media app developed entirely with Xamarin.Forms. Recreationally, Adam works on a number of small open-source developer utility and productivity projects and has published a silly distraction game for toddlers called Smudges.

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